Riken Tire Prices

Compare the best prices on Riken tires starting as low as $80. Browse available Riken tire models that fit your vehicle based on weather and performance needs. Select Riken tire model to see all available sizes, lowest prices and buying options.

Riken Touring All-Season Tire Prices

Touring all-season tires provide unparallel balance of good year-round traction, comfortable ride and longer tread life.

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Riken Raptor HR

Touring All-Season
priced from $80
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Riken Raptor VR

Touring All-Season
priced from $90

Riken Ultra High Performance All-Season Tire Prices

Ultra high performance all-season tires provide very good performance on dry and wet roads, as well as adequate winter traction.

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Riken Raptor ZR A/S

Ultra High Performance All-Season
priced from $94